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The Thing About Space - Short Film

Coming 28th May 2022.

A stunning short film portraying a striking story about love, loss and friendship, and all the space in-between.

Adapted from the novella of the same name by Shaun Powell.



A gorgeous piece of dance shot at Buck's Rock Creative & Performing Arts Camp shot for choreographer Nina Kossler, in conjunction with lighting director Matthew Steinberg. This piece was shown in front of a live audience at summer 2017's first session Dance Show. 

Moon Child

Filmed for Buck's Rock Creative & Performing Arts Camp, this piece was choreographed by Charlotte Steinberg and shown at 2017s second session Dance Show. This ethereal piece, starring Henry Koskoff, is shot in two pieces. The first segment was shown before an on stage performance, with the second segment showing after the stage performance. 

Buck's Rockin' at 75

Again featuring the sights and characters found at Buck's Rock Creative & Performing Arts Camp, this piece became a sort for 'trailer' for the summer I spent there in 2017. Exciting, colourful and  exhilarating, this piece is everything that summer of 2017 was for me.

Becoming Yourself

One of the first pieces I created, this piece was made in 2017 and featured audio by Troye Sivan. Utilising stop motion animation and Adobe After Effects, this video speaks on the importance of being the person you always wanted to be. This piece is included to demonstrate my beginnings with video and the issues that inspire my creativity.

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